NOONIO photoshoot.

The other day we had a shoot by the beach in Ancol by the rocks and at the pier.
It was the 2nd time I had a photoshoot with my brand NOONIO so it was exciting.
This time it was for the catalogue; our theme "Washed up".
 Mr. Stephan taking shots
Turns out my partner's (Mutiara) model, Stephan Kotas, is a professional photographer.
His photoworks are really good. Nice guy too :)
We had to wake up super early to catch the early morning sky so that we can start.
i love how the sky's colour is the same as the sea
Renato, the model, did a really great job posing 
and was really patient with us (Noomie/Muti/Bunga) when we were doing the styling.
And the booker, Gustav, joking around with us. It was fun but tiring :)
Renato posing in aviators and wearing a cowl sweater
Took us till lunchtime to finish but anyway, things turned out well.
Hope to post the pics soon.


A lil bit.

There's this singer my uni my friends and I love to dance around when we hear her song.
She's Lykke Li.  I really like her style because shes so quirky and her songs are so unique.
So I felt like doing a doodle of her. Inspired from her song A Little Bit.
Pardon me for not posting alot these days because my schedule is quite
occupied with sewing and drawing. Akh, my hands are starting to cramp up! 0.o
A little sketchy sketch on what I've been working on:
I'm really crossing my fingers hoping the result will look good. Ha!
I'll doodle as much as I can, hope I can visit your blogs soon too.
Good day! :D


Coffee shop #03.

While sipping my lovely latte..
Two middle-aged women beside the coffee table wearing cropped pants,
one with a floral sleeveless blouse and heels, saying "how are you?" to her friend
who carries a latte and a bag and replies, "..never been better."
Lol, I actually couldn't tell what they were talking about in Korean language.
Then another young lady with a sharp bob ordering her drink at the counter.
She wore a bright yellow polka dot dress with black tights and red bag.
Very fresh colour and a retro-ish look for the morning.


Quotes 27 - Christopher Bailey.

Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry.
My favourite embellishment to add to an outfit is a smile.

..most disgusting fashion mistake ever made was probably still to be invented.
I don't like it when fashion gets too serious and too uptight and too perfect and,
you know I kind of like a little bit of scruffiness as well.

Mistakes are more interesting than a perfect look.