Beatfest Jakarta 2011.

Andrew Van Wyngarden in black military jacket, leopard shorts and striped leggings,
James Richardson in a draped cloth and beanie, swinging his head back n forth.
Erlend øye in plain tee and jeans.. i think his hair and glasses completes the look,
featuring... singing their new single: "baaaad consience..~"

Been concert watching alot lately on weekends with my Bestfriend, Bro, Erick, Kimie and friends.
So far this month was so happy to see N.E.R.D. (fav), Corrine, Sondre, 2pm, Taio, and Suede.
 I had such a greeaat time watching Beatfest MGMT + Whitest Boy Alive.
Queuing for a long time was worth it. Omg,  did I mention that I was stopped by the guard when my two uni friends (Eci & Jojo) and I went inside the 2nd time. They let my friends pass but the guy asked for my ID. 
He must've think i look underage (below 18). Oh my..
Erlend was a really great with the crowd. Quirky and fun~ I'm glad I knew all the songs to WBA, they sound really good live. 
Then came MGMT act. We were jumping so much especially when "Kids" played by MGMT for one of the last songs. 
It was really hot and squishy, sweaty but it was fun.
If you see the video it's really funny because you can see the guitarist dancing with the towel on his face.
I love both of their outfits! (doodled above)
hope you had a nice day~



I'm moving the blog to a new domain.
Because its shorter :) Hope you can visit soon.
I'm so excited, and my bestfriend is helping me set it up. I'm soo not a very techy person.
I'll be posting doodles religiously when the new domain is done and working.
Hehe anyways, thanks for liking my doodles :) :)