Starbucks lady.

 Was at the coffee shop drinking my favourite drink.
Only now I've realized that the Starbucks logo is a lady, but she looks like a mermaid to me.


Happy 2nd year!

around the bakesale

Hi Hi! End of April has been so much fun.
I just attended an event for the first time and as a tenant with my partner. It's Brightspot!
The unique retail concept held few times a year in Jakarta, and curating all things unique and cool just turned 2 years old. Bigger and better. 
Happy Birthday and thanks Brightspot! You're oh-so-awesome!  
 It was really fun selling and being there. There were pretty much a big warm crowd of fashionable people too.
I was in the booth the whole time but here I posted a little sketch of the crowd and the closing party. Yeahh..

Well, hope May has been good for everyone. It's been good to me so far..