Summer. Chill.

she takes a chill in printed leafy voile..
Hey hey, I've been pretty inspired lately.
Summer is here and I've got this idea off doodling all things about summer. The heat, the colours,..  So I made this particular piece.
It's kind of my favourite because she's looking so chill in this hot month from the spring months.
But in here, everyday is a hot definitely a hot month! :D 
Anyways, hope your having a great summer and holiday!


  1. i love the colours and indeed she's a cool chick.

  2. you're so talented! it's lovely

  3. ohh such cool colors in summer, really beautiful!

    the sunglasses reminds me of john lennon's

  4. john lennon is cool .. :D :D

  5. i found your blog randomly...i love it you have an unique and gorgeous style! nice work ;)


  6. hi ceci... wow thank you :D and also for stopping by,, now i can stop by urs too!

  7. Hi! i just saw your comments, thnks for stopping by.. is there anyway to follow you? (bloglovin or friendconect?) i´m afraid to forget about your blog and not being able to see it ever again!!!!! :O

  8. hehehe ur welcome.. hmm havent used bloglovin for a long while (takes quite a while to me to get used to).. but,
    i have just added a bloglovin beside my blog.. lets follow each other then! found u in bloglovin already...! thanks.

  9. We always support u Noomie Doodles^^*
    every time i visit ur blog, i feel so calm n refreshed.. have a great day!!

  10. thank you, so kind of you.. :) wishing u all the success :)


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