Cold days 2.


Hello.. Hows everything? Yesterday was Independence day in Indonesia. Just wishing a belated Independence day! 
Indonesia, you will always be my 2nd home where I grew up in. 
Too bad I can't come over to celebrate since I just arrived in the Philippines (home!) few days ago :) 
I'm also missing my puppy, got news from my mom that his eyes are already open. He's growing so fast.
Anyways, I'm quite excited to be continuing studies again after working for a while. 
Going to be here for a few months studying the business side of fashion and of course more illustration. 
Hope to keep improving in illustrating. Maybe I will enjoy it here.
This drawing is pretty much a continuation from the Cold days series. I love fur, fur is great, and she wears it well :)


  1. This is one of my favourites!
    You are featured in FILLUSTRASHION!


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