Phil Fashion Week SS12 - Day 7

How was the weekend? It's a long holiday here..
Yep, it was the last day of Phil Fashion Week and I actually had a good time watching the Ready to Wear collections.
They were really pleasant to look at I'm probably inspired for some doodle ideas. Spring Summer shows are always my favorite because of their colors and it was quite refreshing to see how nice PFW has become. Not to mention PFW already has it's own website already and will have its own runway mag soon (Yeah!).. I'm enjoying it here at the hometown so far.. hmm.. 
Posting some pics:

Ziggy Zavella

Sassa Jimenez


  1. wow... I never been in a fashion runway show ever. I wonder how she handle those high heels kinda made of wood shoes... hahaha... :)

  2. heheh yeah,.. they look like the plates straight from the sushi bar, pretty cool though.. Well, there is phil fashion week next year again if you missed it.


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