Custom: Coffee morning.

A little christmas commission for one of my dearest friend, Applemike and his partner ;)
I was pretty happy making it, the sweetest!


The fashionable stylist commission.

Hi, Hi!
I've recently finished the previous sketches I did for a personal fashion illustration commissions for the stylist blogger Bree. 
So far happy with how things turned out and here is one of the pieces I enjoyed illustrating. 
Well, I hope things are going well for everyone as the holidays are just around the corner.
Me, I'll be painting as often as I can for the new year. Stay fashionable and enjoy! 


Upcoming project, Children's ballet book illustration.

Hi, its a great day today, make a wish because its 12.12.12! 
Just wanted to share something I'm pretty excited to work on for the upcoming year.
I am going to illustrate a children's book for Carolina De Pedro Pascual's ballet book. 
What about? Starring a little Ballerina girl and her dreams to be a ballerina.
It is in still in preparation and but I will definitely things updated once things are in progress and done.
More wishes and holiday cheers for you this Christmas season!


ETSY Fashionable Christmas. Blank card pdf printables.

Christmas goes fashionable accessorizing with the stylish accessories and clothes to bring up the Christmas cheer. 
I thought I'd add some Christmas illustrations for the season. I loved the idea of a Christmas tree full of fashionable items,
the funky sassy snowman, and the cool Christmas girl in tune with the season.
They are up on etsy as PDF printables for $4 each but also available as a paypal purchase.
Cheer up, dress your best, and enjoy the Christmas season. 

2.5 x 3.5 inches in sets of 8 designs originally made.
Fashionable Christmas comes in 2 printable options. 
Folded is for blank card and Non-Folded is for gift tags.
Available only for DIY digital printing.

With crop marks for easy cutting. 

Once purchased, PDF file will be emailed to you within 
24 hours time.

Card Format


Outside my window.

Overlooking outside my window and just speed sketching.


ETSY Custom 02.

Hello December! 
Etsy Custom Full pose for Diana.


Lil Misses in action.

I thought I'd post some of my favourite pieces I did for my cousin Cecile's 'Little Miss' series of prints. Lil Misses in action but fashionable too!


Lil Miss artwork for Cecile. WIP.

For the past weeks, I've been working on some 'Lil Miss' children illustrations for my cousin. 
I'm having a fun time working on this project that would go along with her handmade frames and creative woodworks, which I have put in my wish list. Hihi.
I'm wishing I was in South Africa as she will be participating at the Christmas bazaar this December in South Africa.
Some samples pictures to show the process of these cute little misses before they become final prints.

Custom illustration requests for twins.

Here's a custom illustration request from my friend Sing given as a gift for a mother of twins.
His idea, and months after finishing this illustration, I still find the phrase very endearing to read.


The lines.

Trickle, Green, Oak

And The Line Begins To Blur

Day wasn't over yet, so still sketching. My friend and I were watching Susanna Leinonen's dance creation which was showing in Salihara Gallery that very same day. Roughly feeling out the hard and soft contours of the dancers' silhouettes in the dark. The show was very beautiful!

First Sketchcrawl #37 in Taman Mini.

Ah last week updates besides work! 
I've been live sketching alot these days when not doodling ballerinas and watercolour girls. Happy my friend invited for a sketchcrawling event at Taman Mini. 
There, I've met talented art friends who had been sketching on the events for a while now, Thomas as the host. It was definitely more fun sketching together. Refreshing!
On a sunny Saturday we spent the whole day sketching round and about. Taman Mini is quite a big place one day isn't enough to sketch all the interesting finds. First stop was by the outdoor grass of Museum Indonesia (above). Quick sketch then go. 

Inside Museum Indonesia. The intricacies of these dated accessories are inspiring.
My friend Jesse in the museum.
Ah, my favourite part of the trip, sketching fishes!
The walk was the tiring part but anyway it was a great day anyway.
Jesse, Thomas, Annie, Mogri and Jojo, thanks!


Line contours. Amour, Acide et Noix, Salihara.

"Amour, acide, et noix (2001) speaks of solitude, but most importantly of the endless tenderness of touch, 
the harshness of life and the desire to eschew one's body as the main means of human existence."
Watched the show at Salihara Festival last Tuesday. It was a pleasure to watch this artful piece that is still being performed until today. 
I was almost live sketching in the dark because of the very dark background, but the lights gave beautiful contours on the dancers bare skin and their raw movements.


Waiting, drawing..

This was done 2 weeks ago. It was an early morning at Terminal 3 waiting for my flight to board. Not so much people around but I like the peace and quiet. 
Terminal 3 was much more spacious because of its hangar style airport. Later on, I didn't realize I had to use the same ticket again on return so I was pretty embarrassed showing the check-in lady at the counter my flight ticket full of scribbles. Oops..


Ballet book illustrations in progress.

Today, I've been finishing up some illustrations for an oncoming book guide project.
It's still unpublished at the moment so I cannot really tell the details yet.
There's a few more to go before I submit them; almost done (happy).
Here's a little picture sneak peak of the work in progress so far.


Today is my day, never been happier to turn a year older, since this gives me just another year to paint better and do what I love the most. 
I've always believed that there will be better days ahead and I look forward to it. Hehe.. 
Doodling off, Noomie


August 2012 Urban Diary: Travel exit.

Tabletops at uncle and aunts home.
Little meet up.

Finally visiting my bestfriend.
DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA. Passing by cotton candy puffy clouds.
Island hopping in Cebu with friends. Panoramic view of the island from the boat.
Left side extension of the panoramic view.
Neighbouring tourists going boating. The water was so clear & salty, and enjoyable to go snorkelling.
It was a weekend of touring, food trips, outbound and night outs with friends.
On the way back.
Travel diary holiday on my exit to Manila and then Cebu. I had to put off some work for a while since I went out on a exit trip almost for the whole month but I tried to do some little sketching on the way. Somehow spent most of my time drawing in airports which was pretty peaceful.