I was in the plane on a trip back to Jkt from hometown last Wednesday where I found myself browsing through the plane's magazine about travel.  
Couldn't sleep so I just doodled the whole flight.. Cheap airfare planes are quite uncomfortable to sleep in.


Fluffy pinks.

in her fluffy pinks, cheery cherry pop..

How's your January? I don't know how time flies by so fast. Mine has been nonstop lately, these first weeks have been filled with meetings and projects already. Thrilled as I am, I can't post some of those artsies just yet, and some are exclusives. Not just yet.. I made another bright illustration today for cheer. As you know, these days the weather has been very gloomy and rainy in Jakarta. Best to enjoy it anyways. Ahh.. how I want to sleep all day! Goodnight!


Bringing in some tangerine tango boost.

I used to find bright vivid colors too loud. But I think the Tangerine Tango color of this year sure gives a kick of excitement & energy. 
So I decided to give it a try, this time I'm experimenting with different mediums lately for my mixed media. 
Instead of the usual watercolor girl, she's now a tangerine tango pastel girl. It is also said that orange boosts creativity. (Me likey..) 
Its probably best to feed our eyes with more oranges today and everyday.? Cheers!


Artwork for Nariz.

Today's update is a little blog header commission artwork for my dearest new found fashion friend from SOFA, Nariz Ong, who is a fashion blogger. 
She's such a kind and fashionable gal!


A new day, a new page on my workspace. Happy New Year 2012!

Hi, Happy New Year! I hope you had a great countdown. Had a nice one at home with family and friends except for my dogs, who didn't enjoy the fireworks and hid under the tables.. Hehe. I'm very thankful for all the things (good and bad) that has happened in the 2011, maybe this 2012 will bring something different, exciting for all of us.. Who knows, I'm excited.. 
Ea Senga, a fellow Etsy blogger also just featured me in her blog and I just wanted to say thanks as well! I managed to organize my mini studio room before the year ended, a new day to start over again today, a new page to draw on. Speaking of new drawings, Strathmore is having their Online Workshop Series 2012 for free. These few months will be a drawing marathon! 
So.. Before the first day ends, wishing you all the inspiration, joy and happiness for this new year!