A new day, a new page on my workspace. Happy New Year 2012!

Hi, Happy New Year! I hope you had a great countdown. Had a nice one at home with family and friends except for my dogs, who didn't enjoy the fireworks and hid under the tables.. Hehe. I'm very thankful for all the things (good and bad) that has happened in the 2011, maybe this 2012 will bring something different, exciting for all of us.. Who knows, I'm excited.. 
Ea Senga, a fellow Etsy blogger also just featured me in her blog and I just wanted to say thanks as well! I managed to organize my mini studio room before the year ended, a new day to start over again today, a new page to draw on. Speaking of new drawings, Strathmore is having their Online Workshop Series 2012 for free. These few months will be a drawing marathon! 
So.. Before the first day ends, wishing you all the inspiration, joy and happiness for this new year! 


  1. Happy new Year... wih you have a great years ahead..

    by the way i love your sketch, wish you can sketch me someday :)

  2. sure why not! lets, .. :) happy new year too ersa! hope the new years been good so far.


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