Art book love.

Today I'm a happy bee. If there is one thing I'm shopaholic for, they are probably art books and art supplies.
I'm usually not an avid reader but I'm definitely a sucker for art books, drawing books, anything, you name it.
The Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book just arrived. 
Glad to have this in handy, I'll probably recommend this to my artsy friends. Time to read read read...
Good day!


People, crowd.

This was taken back from my short visa trip last week in Singapore. 
I remember I was so sick I literally hadn't the energy to go for a stroll around and meet up. 
Anyways, my sketchbook is such a great company for the few hours of stay.


More Ballet News exclusive illustrations.

It's been quite an exciting collaboration with Ballet News so far. 
I thought I'd share out some of the illustrations that were published exclusively for the site's posts.


Experiments; Collage fashion illustration.

Hi! Belated Valentine's day! Hope you guys had a great Valentine day.
I've been doing a little experimentation these days and building on my portfolio as week.
I've made some collage fashion illustration on menswear and dandyism.
I thought they'd be cool stitched on paper :) Here are some samples pieces for now.


Noomie's The Art Of Custom.

Just posted these up on my Etsy. Please check out the custom doodlings.


Noomie loves.. Ballet News.

Hello February! The month of love, joy, love and giving. Soon its Valentines.
These days have been quite well and good. I've just started a project for some ongoing exclusive illustrations for Ballet News
Those insightful posts on beautiful costumes and ballet performances have really grown on me eversince. And what better way to bring ballet fashion into the fashionable trendy scene. 
Hope you guys can check out their interesting posts. Here's the little ballerina illustration on Beauty and the Ballet post at the Ballet News column.
Note: The illustrations are an only an impression of the Ballet contexts at Ballet News.
Cheers everyone!