Art book love.

Today I'm a happy bee. If there is one thing I'm shopaholic for, they are probably art books and art supplies.
I'm usually not an avid reader but I'm definitely a sucker for art books, drawing books, anything, you name it.
The Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines book just arrived. 
Glad to have this in handy, I'll probably recommend this to my artsy friends. Time to read read read...
Good day!


  1. Let me know how it is? I've been trying to find a good pricing book.

  2. i've never expected it to be pretty thick and big.. haha I'm still 1/4 of it, haven't read the pricing part but they sure have pricing for most art types! so far its is a very helpful guide on freelancing ethics.. but I'll keep you posted when I finish it!

  3. William17.2.13

    Hi, how was your book condition when it arrived?
    I had mine sent to Indonesia and, wow, the carton box was in terrible condition; ripped here and there, duct tapes, and the book was not even plastic-wrapped!
    The book is in good condition, though.

    Is that what always happens if it's handled by Indonesian Post?
    Do they always open every single package and our stuff?

  4. Hi, this one in particular, they used a really good double sealed envelope I received it in pretty good condition. Though, I've had a few delivered as well and they were the same as yours! Beaten up packages and not plastic wrapped but surprisingly, the book is in good condition.

    I don't think they do. The good thing about here is that it goes straight to your house doesn't it?Instead of having to go through customs.

  5. William21.2.13

    I guess mine wasn't the only one beaten up.
    Maybe that's how they handle packages here.

    Yes, they delivered it straight to my address.
    From your photo, I noticed yours' condition is the same as mine.
    The top left is flattened a little bit, if I'm not mistaken.


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