WIP costumes in the making.

It's a hectic week. On the other hand, I'm busy working on some upcoming costume reproduction for a school play Peter Pan. Sleepy, happy, tired. Craving for some Starbucks Java chip.


Noomie, Ballet News Illustrated.

My exclusive illustration for BalletNews.co.uk
A little post of thanks for the feature from Ballet News: Ballet News Illustrated.
I'm happy we are collaborating, I'm excited to share ballet through art.


Work spacious.

I have been clearing and clearing out some of the things in my room in hopes of turning into one simplistic mini design/art studio slash bedroom. 
I've always had that idea of those kind of artsy studios in mind. For now, the two sewing machines are out and in soon with the easels. 
Most probably I'll keep tweaking it as time passes but for now; 
happy with the progress where I can work much more at peace with less cluttered stuff. Yay to space!


Pot leaf.

Hi, TGIF! Glad its weekend again. These past few weeks I have been doing some illustration projects which are all about natural things. Definitely love it. I thought I'd post out something similar from my sketchbook; one of my favourite theme besides doodling fashionable people, which is nature itself. I wish I had some plant knowledge because I can't seem to figure out what kind of plant is this. Pretty fun illustration exercise though after joining Cathy's lessons (she's so wonderful!) in Strathmore Workshop Series.  Have a pleasant friday!


Noomie supports Modern Minerals.

Noomie always supports Modern Minerals Make up
Here's an illustration I did for Modern Minerals blush make up campaign.
I may have posted a previous post on it, but they're eco friendly concept always keeps me inspired.
Have a great day!