Twin ballerinas.

© Noemi Manalang. All rights reserved.


  1. AnnabelAtkinson25.9.12

    your work is AMAZING! i am doing a school project and this is so perfect!x

  2. Anonymous25.9.12

    Your work is so beautiful, i love it so much!!

  3. Anonymous25.9.12

    i am doing a school project and was wondering if you could answer a few questions?

    What inspires you?
    what do you use?
    The project is to create the alphabet using a theme and i chose ballet and love your technique, do you have any ideas how i could draw the ballerinas so they look like letters?
    what do you believe in?

  4. Hi thankss! and to anonymous, if you would kindly give out you email i would love to reply your Qs. :)


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