August 2012 Urban Diary: Travel exit.

Tabletops at uncle and aunts home.
Little meet up.

Finally visiting my bestfriend.
DO NOT WALK OUTSIDE THIS AREA. Passing by cotton candy puffy clouds.
Island hopping in Cebu with friends. Panoramic view of the island from the boat.
Left side extension of the panoramic view.
Neighbouring tourists going boating. The water was so clear & salty, and enjoyable to go snorkelling.
It was a weekend of touring, food trips, outbound and night outs with friends.
On the way back.
Travel diary holiday on my exit to Manila and then Cebu. I had to put off some work for a while since I went out on a exit trip almost for the whole month but I tried to do some little sketching on the way. Somehow spent most of my time drawing in airports which was pretty peaceful.


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