First Sketchcrawl #37 in Taman Mini.

Ah last week updates besides work! 
I've been live sketching alot these days when not doodling ballerinas and watercolour girls. Happy my friend invited for a sketchcrawling event at Taman Mini. 
There, I've met talented art friends who had been sketching on the events for a while now, Thomas as the host. It was definitely more fun sketching together. Refreshing!
On a sunny Saturday we spent the whole day sketching round and about. Taman Mini is quite a big place one day isn't enough to sketch all the interesting finds. First stop was by the outdoor grass of Museum Indonesia (above). Quick sketch then go. 

Inside Museum Indonesia. The intricacies of these dated accessories are inspiring.
My friend Jesse in the museum.
Ah, my favourite part of the trip, sketching fishes!
The walk was the tiring part but anyway it was a great day anyway.
Jesse, Thomas, Annie, Mogri and Jojo, thanks!


  1. Those accessories would fit right in today's satorial scene. Lovely sketches, all of them.

  2. come to new york and let's sketch togetherrr :D


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