Fruits and veggie doodles at Healthy Choice.

This was done a few months back when I worked together with Get Metamorphose (branding agency) to produce this. Thanks Sing...  
I drew some fruit and vegetables illustrations which were used for a few of Healthy Choice Indonesia's promotional media. 
Would be nice to eat there one day.. 
Eat healthy, cheers!


Art relief.


Hello! Time flies by so fast it's already halfway through the year.
A little fashion doodle of something over the weekday.
Happy to be working at peace again in my little bedroom studio, more exciting commissions to come.
Cheers and enjoy the weekday!


Juzz tumblr leaf designs.

Dear Bff,

Here's one of the little doodles Ive finally done for your Starbucks tumbler design you told me way back.
Haha I was actually feeling quite excited and in the mood and made some more. Hope you like it.
Ps. Check your mail.



Danza Ballet DVD illustration part 2.

It's been some few weeks since I have blogged for new works.
 This is one of my favorite works I did, which is for Danza Ballet DVD part 2, 
a continuation of Part 1 illustration of Ms. Carolina and her studio.
I personally think a DVD adult of ballet is such a wonderful idea besides such great ballerinas. Hope you enjoy.