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Weather weather.

Donna Karan illustrative beauty runway faces.

Have a fashionoodle Halloween!

Sandier Pastures Giveaway in 4 days.

Sketch day out at Museum Satria Mandala.

Little Boy, Who Was Precious.

Ballet man. Frame 2.3.

Balletberry chic! Frame 1.3.

Body Ballet x Noomie illustrations 01.

Ouchie pants. Colour 3.3.

Secrets. Colour 2.3.

World of Ballerinas for andpizzazz.

I see you, you see me. Colour 1.3.

A walk around town.

New sketchbook, more drawing space.

ETSY custom 04.

What is Love?

Illustrations for "Bailarinas, en dehors y en dedans", written by Carolina De Pedro Pascual.

Margarita from Bailarinas, en dehors y en dedans.

Little Miss Fashionista.

Girls, bags, street.

Little cherry on top.

Hello to love.

Rainy leaves.

Hostler bag samples.

Oh hello and other WIP.