Weather weather.

Weather weather always whatever. These days rain pours just as it snows in another weather.
Whether or not you face such weathers, don't forget to wear your nice warm sweater.

It will keep you warm wherever.


Sandier Pastures Giveaway in 4 days.

A while back I had the fun opportunity/commission to illustrate a custom header for her blog, Sandierpastures.com. (top right)
Grace from SandierPastures.com is now holding a giveaway in celebration of her fresh new blog design. (Don't you just love the colors?)
Thanks to her generosity, the winner will be able to receive a customized illustration as a prize.
Yes, a personalized custom illustration by Noomie Doodles yours truly where you can have your original and digital customized ideas to life.
Don't forget to bookmark her in your blog feed you guys.
Ps. Thank you Grace!


Sketch day out at Museum Satria Mandala.

Every two weeks Jkt Sketch Group holds an event where avid sketchers can come and gather to sketch together. It's a different place every time from museums to parks and other Indonesian events. Last week was at a Military museum called Museum Satria Mandala. If you've been there, the place consists of old heavy artilleries, guns and planes. Basically all things army used for warfare way back. I made some loose quick sketches with washes above on old planes and guns, just a little contrast to the serious stuff. 
It's open for everyone and they post their updates in their fb group. You might want to join if you are in Jakarta town, the next upcoming event this Sunday is at Taman Suropati (Suropati Park). 


Little Boy, Who Was Precious.

Just wanted to share a children's book that I have illustrated and beautifully written by Reagan Chesnut.
Thank you for the opportunity! This book is special to me as well. 
Have a read at it guys, you'll love this sweet wonderful story. :)
Now available in Amazon in Paperback and in Kindle edition.
Like the fb page here.

"The Little Boy, Who Was Precious is a story about a child's first long stay with his grandparents when his parents are away. 
The little boy, who is so brave against the beasts of his imagination, finds himself strangely lost without his mother and father. 
It takes a pair of loving grandparents to convince him that he is still the bravest and most precious little boy."


Body Ballet x Noomie illustrations 01.

Thank you Body Ballet!
A collection of Ballet x Yoga illustrations for Body Ballet.

"By combining yoga postures, movements of modern dance and ballet positions and steps, the Body Ballet ® is great because it makes me feel physically well, emotionally positive and mentally alert and calm after school." Body Ballet quote here.

"Al combinar posturas de yoga, movimientos de la danza moderna y posiciones y pasos de ballet, el Body Ballet® es estupendo porque me hace sentir f√≠sicamente bien, an√≠micamente positiva y mentalmente alerta y tranquila al finalizar las clases." 


A walk around town.

There were a lot of these that I have been delaying on posting. Last month was fairly spent sketching around town old Jakarta and its museums. Considering that I have been here for most of my years, I'm getting to see and appreciate more of what it has to offer through sketching. 
The one above is from sketching around Museum Gajah, sketching in cultural traditional masks and houses.

Passed by the Cathedral. It's actually quite beautiful to see it from top view and empty, which is the museum area.
I had a very limited time sketching out this one since I came late when the museum soon closed out at lunchtime.

Lastly, where I was invited by my art friend to join in a Jakarta sketchgroup event hosted by fellow artists to sketch around Pasar Antik Jalan Surabaya, a place where all old goods and antique things are sold. Found Wayang Puppets, these really vintage telephones, lamps and clocks which were pretty cool. It got a bit uncomfortable at times when an occasional tourist passing by or vendor would look over my shoulder to watch.
Anyway, new sketches on my new sketchbook and more art friends, yey! Glad to be there.


New sketchbook, more drawing space.

I know I haven't been blogging very often, which I should be starting again slowly.
Just to keep an update of things that have been keeping my schedule quite filled apart from the ongoing commissions. This year I am currently some private fashion illustration teaching, a lot of outdoor sketching and self study in art. One of my favourite courses I'm taking so far is a Children's book Illustration course by Mark Mitchell which is so much fun! I thought it would be a great idea to further my studies since I have been getting a few projects on children's books and which I get to illustrate different subject matters.

So far, things have been great and finally had some new sketchbooks since my old ones are full and so thin. Thankfully, my friend, Mogri, recommended me Riphy Sketchbook. So so happy to finally have a customized sketchbook with paper that doesn't buckle easily with watercolours. 
I definitely recommend.

Current reads: 


ETSY custom 04.

I've had so much fun working on some custom illustrations last month from the Etsy shop.
Somehow I'm growing more and more fond of illustrating animals though they are challenging when drawn from life! 
They move so much the only way to get their stills is when they are sleeping.
I'll be working on a children's book about dogs so I'll try to get it up during the process.
while the right is a Custom Fashionable Pet 4 x 6 for a dear customer. 


Illustrations for "Bailarinas, en dehors y en dedans", written by Carolina De Pedro Pascual.

Pleased and excited to announce upcoming illustrations exclusively for 
Carolina De Pedro Pascual's Children's Ballet Book creation, 
"Bailarinas, en dehors y en dedans", 
(Effort, perseverance, discipline and ballet!)
Honoured to have had the opportunity to illustrate for her book which I posted about earlier. 
Written in spanish and for those who are in love with Ballet, this book comes out in Summer 2014.

For further news, please see: 

"Ballerinas, en dehors and dedans. Effort, perseverance, discipline and ballet! 
is a children's story to be read and enjoyed by children and adults.
I have always believed that books enrich and lead us by the hand to dive into stories, and delicious contents, and therefore, 
I think that is one of the best ways to instill values ​​and basic general education and children, 
as if we set as a healthy reading habit, 
we give necessary and sufficient sensitivity to convey feelings and experiences that are otherwise difficult to express.
The act of reading or flipping through a book and appreciate your artwork or photographs, 
stimulates the intellect, imagination and creativity of everyone, but especially for children.
By the time I wanted to write this book for girls, to try that today values ​​seem somewhat outmoded, 
return to take his place among the important things, as I believe, is their proper place." 
Carolina De Pedro Pascual on her creation.

(Translated from Google Translate)


Girls, bags, street.

A previous illustration I did for a bag brand for their catalogue.


Oh hello and other WIP.

Hello! Sorry for the slight hiatus, its a new year and been while since I last posted as the holidays had been quite busy. Adding to that, I had also gone out to town for sometime almost half of the month. Visited dear hometown and took a trip to my bestfriend's place Cebu. Next thing you know its the first week of february already! 

Some updates, I have been reading ballet stuff. I've been so addicted to ordering books online I get so excited when mail comes at the door. Also, working on a couple of projects and some illustrations for children's book. But others are still unpublished so I'll try to post them in another time. It's another year now and another year full of doodles and drawings.