Illustrations for "Bailarinas, en dehors y en dedans", written by Carolina De Pedro Pascual.

Pleased and excited to announce upcoming illustrations exclusively for 
Carolina De Pedro Pascual's Children's Ballet Book creation, 
"Bailarinas, en dehors y en dedans", 
(Effort, perseverance, discipline and ballet!)
Honoured to have had the opportunity to illustrate for her book which I posted about earlier. 
Written in spanish and for those who are in love with Ballet, this book comes out in Summer 2014.

For further news, please see: 

"Ballerinas, en dehors and dedans. Effort, perseverance, discipline and ballet! 
is a children's story to be read and enjoyed by children and adults.
I have always believed that books enrich and lead us by the hand to dive into stories, and delicious contents, and therefore, 
I think that is one of the best ways to instill values ​​and basic general education and children, 
as if we set as a healthy reading habit, 
we give necessary and sufficient sensitivity to convey feelings and experiences that are otherwise difficult to express.
The act of reading or flipping through a book and appreciate your artwork or photographs, 
stimulates the intellect, imagination and creativity of everyone, but especially for children.
By the time I wanted to write this book for girls, to try that today values ​​seem somewhat outmoded, 
return to take his place among the important things, as I believe, is their proper place." 
Carolina De Pedro Pascual on her creation.

(Translated from Google Translate)


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