New sketchbook, more drawing space.

I know I haven't been blogging very often, which I should be starting again slowly.
Just to keep an update of things that have been keeping my schedule quite filled apart from the ongoing commissions. This year I am currently some private fashion illustration teaching, a lot of outdoor sketching and self study in art. One of my favourite courses I'm taking so far is a Children's book Illustration course by Mark Mitchell which is so much fun! I thought it would be a great idea to further my studies since I have been getting a few projects on children's books and which I get to illustrate different subject matters.

So far, things have been great and finally had some new sketchbooks since my old ones are full and so thin. Thankfully, my friend, Mogri, recommended me Riphy Sketchbook. So so happy to finally have a customized sketchbook with paper that doesn't buckle easily with watercolours. 
I definitely recommend.

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ETSY custom 04.

I've had so much fun working on some custom illustrations last month from the Etsy shop.
Somehow I'm growing more and more fond of illustrating animals though they are challenging when drawn from life! 
They move so much the only way to get their stills is when they are sleeping.
I'll be working on a children's book about dogs so I'll try to get it up during the process.
while the right is a Custom Fashionable Pet 4 x 6 for a dear customer.