A walk around town.

There were a lot of these that I have been delaying on posting. Last month was fairly spent sketching around town old Jakarta and its museums. Considering that I have been here for most of my years, I'm getting to see and appreciate more of what it has to offer through sketching. 
The one above is from sketching around Museum Gajah, sketching in cultural traditional masks and houses.

Passed by the Cathedral. It's actually quite beautiful to see it from top view and empty, which is the museum area.
I had a very limited time sketching out this one since I came late when the museum soon closed out at lunchtime.

Lastly, where I was invited by my art friend to join in a Jakarta sketchgroup event hosted by fellow artists to sketch around Pasar Antik Jalan Surabaya, a place where all old goods and antique things are sold. Found Wayang Puppets, these really vintage telephones, lamps and clocks which were pretty cool. It got a bit uncomfortable at times when an occasional tourist passing by or vendor would look over my shoulder to watch.
Anyway, new sketches on my new sketchbook and more art friends, yey! Glad to be there.