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Seasons greetings. Illustration for Timeless Pieces.

2.31 Christmas in fashion conversation.

1.31 Little black book of Christmas.

Hangars and planes. Out and about town.

#fashionablequotes Flowerbed.


Dias De Los Muertos for Timeless Pieces.

Have a Happy Halloween! Petrushka.

Finding Danza Ballet in Barcelona.

A touch of India. New illustration for Timeless Pieces.

Danza Ballet in Barcelona, illustrated. Collage version.

What Martine and Albie the dog are up to at Timeless Pieces.

Giselle ballerina in Ballet News.

Ballerina on Inktober.

Peaceful yoga. Illustration for Timeless Pieces.

Graceful lace.

Valentino leaves.

Touch of traditional at the Wayang museum.

An Independence month. 69th.

02. #ootd illustrated Blumarine 2014.

01. #ootd Celine 2014.

Suki Waterhouse illustrated.

Back from a travel hiatus.

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.7: Michael Kors

Summer mode in Band of Outsiders.

Fashion field of peonies, in a Bottega Veneta SS14 dress.

New Noomie Doodles facebook page is up. exclusive illustrations for 2014.

Illustration for Timeless Pieces.

Fashion silhouettes, noomified 2.78

Another one of those city sketches.

Rainy day at the local market.

Because.. Happy Valentines Day!

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.6: Chanel

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.5: Prada

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.4: Armani

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.3: Armani

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.2: Chanel

Noomie Doodles Magazines 1.1: Chanel