Balletnews.co.uk exclusive illustrations for 2014.

 Ballet News World Exclusive by Noemi Manalang

Do ballet whenever you can and wherever you are!
It's been a fun and fast 2014 and a few more days until we reach the first quarter of the year!
Wish everyone had a great time as well. Let's make everyday the best!
I'm so happy to be working on an ongoing illustration project with long time collaborator, Cheryl Angear, from Balletnews.co.uk. Here is one of my recent illustrations on Ballet News FB page. For those that enjoy it, I appreciate! This year, there will be more to come and special plans to bring along the way. So from time to time I'll be with new ballet creations. I think all the ballet dancers are so talented! 
See you!


Illustration for Timeless Pieces.

scarves, scarves, scarves...everywhere!
A little post on a previous commission done for Timeless Pieces featuring their signature scarves.
Timeless Pieces Website and FB Page (NY, USA).


Fashion silhouettes, noomified 2.78

Fashion fashion fashion fashion fashion fashion..

From last tuesday's illustration during a fashion teaching session with my students when we were doing technique exercises. 
I just had to noomify these.


Another one of those city sketches.

The airport runways and airplanes are becoming one of my favourite places to sketch and daydream. It's so pleasant watching all the busy planes depart and arrive. This one is an old sketch of the same place I go to frequently these months. It's always a busy day around the runway.

Yesterday's short exit trip again with mother right across the lake at Gardens By the Bay Marina Sands.
Haha this one's my version, a cuter version. :)