Old Luxembourg Timeless Pieces scarf by Noomie Doodles. Luxembourg Wort feature.

Martine and Albie on a hot summer
Timeless Pieces // @timelesspieces

It's been a long time since I blogged after a reallly long hiatus, but it feels exciting again to be able to share what I love, illustrating and some of the processes behind illustrating & things I learned in this online diary.

My illustration for Timeless Pieces, the Old town Luxembourg scarf which came in a few months ago. Finally had the chance to show it, the scarf is in cashmere/silk and so soft! I just really wanted to thank Josh, Martine and Albie for the scarf and the chance to illustrate for their scarf! I owe them a picture. Thank you!

Just happy to see how this piece has reached places like Luxembourg WortMy favourite Throwback Thursday memory as told by our sweetest Albie the dog @albertothedog (our famous little dog behind the illustration), "My claim to fame 🐶. I am featured in the @luxemburger_wort with @timelesspieces & immortalized in all of @noomiedoodles Timeless Pieces illustrations.", on #luxembourg largest newspaper, June 2015.


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