Ballet Illustrations for Grace and Poise Academy, London.

Dance and believe in yourself.
My new work for Grace and Poise Academy, a Muslim Ballet school in London. How great it is to have ballet for everyone. Illustrating something about femininity and modesty with a unique poetry.

An instagram #repost from @gracepandpoiseacademy :

London, United Kingdom

We are so pleased to share with you all our new Illustration created for us by the amazing @noomiedoodlesThis beautiful illustration really says a lot about us and what we do and we can’t thank @noomiedoodles enough for her charming work!This gorgeous illustration can be seen featured on our website!We hope to be sharing more Grace and Poise Illustrations by @noomiedoodles soon!To find out more about our Girls, Non- Music, Poetry Inspired Ballet Classes and how we make Ballet Accessible to the Muslim Community See our website, link in bio!


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